Our Company: A global Brand Activation and Experience Company at the intersection of Physical and Digital.

Our Focus: Bringing your brand to life through live events, experiences and interactive digital campaigns that are measurable and memorable.

Our Team: Architects of Experience, creating bridges between brands and their consumers.  (And, having fun doing it.)

We work with marketing directors, agencies, artists, and business owners to craft and produce alternative marketing solutions, custom “living media” and digital experiences of any size or scale.

Over the years, people have had a lot of names for what we do.  Originally, when we started creating experiences and installations, people called us artists or curators. Once our art became associated with a brand, people began referring to what we did as Guerrilla Marketing, or Experiential Marketing, or Alternative Marketing, sometimes Ambient Advertising, and now most people seem to be using the terms Brand Activation or Engagement Marketing.

However, regardless of whatever term may be the accepted descriptor of the moment, MAMA is a cross-discipline agency, preferring not to limit our creativity by subscribing to any one label, approach, or form of expression. We are physical and digital Experience Designers unafraid to use any and all creative marketing tools at our disposal.

All of our work begins with one question: “What do we want our “audience” to feel?”

Today, each of us are media outlets in and of ourselves, capable of broadcasting images, films, and our emotions to millions of people instantly. However, one study after another continues to affirm that customers will not engage with a brand online, unless they have had a powerful experience with that brand in the real world.

Since 1998, MAMA has built a reputation of being a creator of magical environments and experiences that provoke the imagination and stimulate the senses.

MAMA believes companies who put creative memorable experiences at the core of their brand identity, will outperform their competition, win the loyalty of their customers and gain an immediate new audience with the thousands of people to whom their customers are connected.

We are passionate about helping our clients reach their customers online AND in the real world.  Each of our campaigns is designed to spark a conversation around your brand and keep people talking long after the campaign has run its course.

Ambient Advertising
Art Installation
Brand Installation
Creative Mobile Billboard
Digital Contests
Digital Integration
Engagement Marketing
Event Performance Elements

Event Production
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Experiential Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Influencer Events
Lifestyle Marketing
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Shopper Marketing
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Social Media Marketing
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Viral Marketing

MAMA has been fortunate enough to produce results for some of the most innovative brands and artists in the world.