Baldwin and MAMA Bring the Glamour to the Architectural Digest Design Show

As part of an ongoing celebration for Baldwin Hardware’s 70th Anniversary, MAMA brought our “Baldwin Girls” sporting their Door Couture to the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City! You may have seen our dazzling models at the 70 Years Bold Event in Las Vegas and they multiplied for the Big Apple. While Baldwin was set to have a booth at the event, we decided to bring some integrated living media to the Expo, bringing in six, striking models to make sure that Baldwin was the name on everybody’s lips!

In their beautiful custom made gowns, our six gorgeous Baldwin Girls made the Expo their catwalk, showing off not only Baldwin’s products, but also the glitz and glamour of the brand on their 70th birthday. Clad in black, four models featured our traditional headpieces modeled after Ileana LaFontaine’s winning design for Baldwin’s Inspired Design Contest which “features an abstract design of seven engraved rings reminiscent of the age rings of a tree. Each ring represents a decade of Baldwin’s history and encases a ‘70’ in the center of the knob.” The light from the Javits Center glimmered brilliantly as the models walked with poise throughout the halls of the expo. Everywhere you went in the hall, people asked “Have you seen the Baldwin Girls?”  Attendees would stop in mid-conversation to turn and stare at our girls as they passed.  Whispers, questions, and tons of requests for photos sparked a conversation around the brand throughout the massive Design Show.

In addition to the roaming living media experience, Baldwin also sponsored the coat check area and created a step and repeat where attendees could pose with the Baldwin Girls and immediately email the pictures to themselves or share over social media.

This time, we featured two new models to showcase two additional Baldwin designs. Inspired by by the K002 Estate Knob, one of our models stood out with a striking gold, circular headpiece that obscured part of her face, adding intrigue to passersby. Her Grecian-inspired gown featured gold accents that matched the headpiece, which was eye-catching in the halls of the Javits Center. Our other model’s headpiece was inspired by the 5009 Estate Knob. The Crystal design inspired us to create a beautiful, modern headpiece that showcased the more structured edges of this knob. To go with her headpiece, she wore a dazzling black gown with gray details on the bottom, for a high-fashion look.

Baldwin Hardware Archictectural Digest Design Show 2016

“I’m not sure any of us were ready for the massive response to this experiential activation, said Michelin Hall, MAMA CEO. “Baldwin’s social networks exploded with snapshots from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors alike, far outnumbering any other brand at the show. The coat check generated literally thousands of pictures each day over the four day expo. However, I think the real success here was that we managed to elevate the experience of the AD Design Show itself though a marketing vehicle. The show is in my opinion is the best home design show of the year. Michael and his staff always make it so elegant and wonderful. We were truly honored to be able to collaborate within this context.”

Onlookers were left speechless by our stunning beauties and their magnificent headpieces throughout the three day event. As they walked throughout the event, they took pictures with attendees and made sure that no one walked throughout the Expo without encountering the Baldwin brand, allowing for more impressions than any typical booth display would allow. When you have such an amazing product, why would you need to stay in one place? We brought the door couture to the entire Design Show.



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