Celebrating Baldwin’s 70th Anniversary With Bold Style

For their 70th anniversary, Baldwin Hardware wanted to celebrate in style. Baldwin launched a contest, in which designers were encouraged to pitch a design for Baldwin’s 70th Anniversary commemorative doorknob. The winner would be unveiled, along with three Inspired Design Winners, at a swanky bash at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas. Architects, customers, designers, and Baldwin employees gathered to celebrate 70 Bold Years of Baldwin!

Baldwin recruited agencyMAMA to bring MAMA’s signature style to their event. For this integrated event activation, we were inspired by Ileana LaFontaine’s winning design, which “features an abstract design of seven engraved rings reminiscent of the age rings of a tree. Each ring represents a decade of Baldwin’s history and encases a ‘70’ in the center of the knob.” MAMA wanted to surprise partygoers and truly embrace the idea of hardware as being “door couture,” so we brought some razzle-dazzle to elevate the experience of the event, and the perception of the brand.

PJ Rosch, Baldwin’s Brand Manager, believes that “Many people like to say that ‘hardware is like jewelry for the door,’ we prefer to think of Baldwin as a fashion statement for the home; part of your design aesthetic. Baldwin is couture for the door.” MAMA wanted to recall the glitz and glamour of the era of the company’s inception, so we were inspired by the 1940s drama, glitz, and glamour in crafting our ideas for this truly commemorative event.

Embracing the style and sleekness of Baldwin, MAMA set one striking couture model lose on the event in a choreographed movement piece around the party to heighten suspense and create elusive drama.  Additionally, playing off of the traditional cigarette girl look so famous in Vegas, we also sent three additional model ambassadors around with custom designed display trays, allowing all party goers to directly touch and interact with nine different classic Baldwin door knobs.  “We wanted to create an experience that put the brand directly in the hand of the partygoers,’ said Michelin Hall, MAMA Co-founder.  ‘Once you’ve held a Baldwin knob, the way it feels in your hand, the weight, the craftsmanship becomes evident and you begin to understand why they have been the Gucci of the hardware industry for 70 years.”

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After the unveiling of the 70th Anniversary commemorative knob, ambassadors circled around with displays of the four finalist knobs to show off to the guests and again allow them to interact with the products directly. MAMA’s designers produced the gorgeous black gowns worn by the model and ambassadors as well as having designed and produced the larger-than-life headpieces that were inspired by LaFontaine’s winning design. The activation elevated the event to a level elegance not typically associated with hardware, and called attention to not only the boldness of the commemorative design, but also highlighted the celebration of Baldwin’s “70 Years of Door Couture.”


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