Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: December 14th

Not So Jolly Holiday


We all know that window campaigns are big during the holiday season. People flock to see them everywhere in the world. FCB Toronto created an awareness campaign using these window displays to highlight something that is also a growing trend around this time of year, domestic violence. A window display shows a family eating Christmas dinner when the mannequin male suddenly flips his hand to hit the woman, who reflexively pulls back. In order to stop the violence, shoppers can text a $5 donation to OAITH, which stops the display for 60 seconds at a time. What an interesting way to gain awareness!

Brand Loyalty Times 1900

Hanover, New Hampshire is one of Zappos’ most fiercely loyal communities, and this holiday season, they decided to give back. In the dark of the night, thirty Zappos employees dropped off nearly two thousand boxes filled with an assortment of gifts, such as backpacks, headphones, winter wear, and more. We love this fun way to reward brand loyalty, while also creating holiday cheer!

Secret Coffee Shop

Who doesn’t like to be in on a good secret? The grocery store chain in Norway, Coop, decided to test this by proving to their communities that you could buy excellent coffee at your local store, instead of high-priced hipster coffee chains. Teaming up with We are Live, they created a secret pop-up shop for a month, serving over 4000 patrons, most of which loved the coffee that was being served. After a month, they revealed that they were serving Coop branded coffee, making this a great experiment in perceived value.

Delicious Drone Delivery

We all know that drones are the new “it” thing in technology. We love how Tesco Lotus Express used them to deliver some happiness in this heart-warming ad. The ad shows people in Thailand going about their daily tasks, such as cleaning the streets or studying, as they receive cute mugs (featuring their logo) with sweet notes thanking them for their work and kindness. These mugs included nice beverages that not only put smiles on the receivers’ faces, but ours too.


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