Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: December 4th

Delivering Way More Than Pizza

Everyone loves pizza and pretty much everyone loves a flash mob. This charming ad from Pizza Hut, who is promoting their Holiday Triple Threat Box, combines caroling and pizza delivery to get us all in the holiday spirit (and a little hungry too). When residents in Orem, Utah ordered their Triple Threat Box, featuring two pizzas, breadsticks, and a giant cookie, they were greeted with two full choirs, bells, a horse and carriage, and a whole lot of joy. This spot will definitely inject some joy in your day!

Real Life Consequences for Virtual Racism

We all know that internet anonymity can bring out the worst in people. A Civil Rights group in Brazil called Criola decided to take virtual acts of racism and place them in the real world. By taking racist tweets found online (and blurring the faces and names), the organization used geotagging data to find the location of these tweeters and posted the tweets on billboards near their homes. The video shows the real reactions of people to these tweets and exposes the problems behind faceless acts of racism.

Are These Melons Juicy?

We love giggling at a good pun and this campaign definitely has a side-effect of giggles. In Canada, the Nesters Market grocery chain gave its melons a makeover for a good cause…to remind women to check their own “melons!” Each melon has a “Have you checked yours” sticker on it with a link to dontforgettocheck.ca, a website that features breast cancer prevention tips and information on self-examination. We love this tongue-in-cheek reminder, especially because it is for a good cause!

Vandalism At Its Best

This week in Paris, the COP21 Climate Conference is taking place. In order to make a statement, an organization called Brandalism took over nearly about 600 outdoor ad spaces in the city with climate change related artwork, which at first glance seem like ads for well-known companies such as Air France and Volkswagen. The ads instead reveal the hypocrisy in the companies, which also happen to be corporate sponsors of the COP21 conference. We love this environmental guerilla campaign!


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