Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: January 22nd, 2016

Finally, A Claw Machine That’s Worth It

We love a stunt with a good message and this is one we can definitely get on board with. We don’t take sun protection as a game, but the Cancer Institute NSW, JCDecaux, UM and Soap Creative teamed up to provide Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia with a game to take protection seriously. Near the beach, a fun claw game was assembled to give beachgoers much needed SPF50+, which creates a fun way to get people thinking about skin cancer and protecting their body from the sun’s harmful rays.

Take a Moment to Look at the Stars

As city-folk, we often forget to look up at the stars. LG realized this and decided to take advantage of our desire to see the stars. In Chile, they set up a telescope in the middle of a road and encouraged passersby to look up at the sky. Seeing the beautiful lights in the sky impressed all of the participants, until they realized they were actually looking at a screen of an LG television. Beautiful resolution, but definitely not a real sky.

New York in Oslo

We may take New York City for granted sometimes, but Norwegian Airlines decided to bring it to Oslo. In an effort to inspire people to travel to New York, they brought the famous metropolis into a station in Oslo, using signs, the Naked Cowboy, gangsters, and sounds on the subway announcing the next stop to be “Times Square.” Passengers were greeted by a choir (which isn’t exactly very NYC) and some NY football players. This has us thinking: if you could bring a city to you, which one would it be?

Our Kind of Vending Machine

Belgian agency Friendship pulled off this very cute campaign. Set in a busy, hectic train station, we see a booth saying “Free Breakfast,” which featured an interactive vending machine. Inside the machine are two people dressed up as robots who prepare one of the two options of Quaker breakfasts for you. The message is clear: Quaker is easy to make, but it will still brighten up your day, which you can see in the video. Now where’s this vending machine when we need it?


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