Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: March 17th

But First…Let Me Take a Sip

Cristiano Ronaldo is down to play around in public, as shown by his last stunt with ROC. This stunt plays on his desire to simply have a cup of tea. While wearing his ROC Live Life Loud headphones, he goes to a cafe to have some chamomile tea. The premise of the stunt is to see how many sips of tea he can have versus pictures he is asked to take, showing the hilarious domino-effect of eager fans. It’s super entertaining to see how cool he stays under the pressure of these people who are relentless, but hey, that’s the price of fame…and a cup of tea, right?

Need a GAYTM?

We love campaigns for a good cause and this one is just that. After supporting Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for 10 years, ANZ Bank decided to celebrate by turning its retail office on Oxford Street into a “GAYNZ Branch.” The space is an explosion of color, with marble floors, baroque details, and LGBT-themed decor, with promotional materials claiming that it is “Liberace meets Louis XIV.” It doesn’t just stop there, the campaign has a digital element with the #GAYNZ hashtag, colorful GAYTM, and rainbow business cards for executives. The sweetest part? This office is a stop on the Mardi Gras parade!

Running For Pizza

Sodo is a U.K. pizzeria that specializes in locally and ethically sourced ingredients. They take their mission statement seriously, by avoiding delivery because of the pollution caused by cars. However, in an experiential marketing campaign, they partnered with a local running club to bring their pizza to the people, using Periscope to allow customers to follow their food in real-time (and even allowing them to give the delivery people shortcuts). This one day campaign gave profits to Run Dem Crew and successfully sold the pizzeria out of pizza in only three hours.

How far would you go for a Burger?

We all know that fast food is a convenient treat at times, so McDonald’s France decided to play up their convenience with this clever ad. In Brioude, a small town of 6,700 people, they put up a sign to show that their location is 5 kilometers away. Not too interesting right? Well, next to the sign is a very detailed and nearly illegible sign that points out where the next Burger King is, which is approximately 258 kilometers away. This simple yet effective campaign is a hilarious way to recognize your brand, while also turning heads.


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