Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: November 16th

Apparently, We’re Not Ready To Rumble

If you’ve read the news this week, you’ve probably heard of a small app called Rumblr that caused a lot of stir. The app’s idea is very simple: it’s essentially Tinder for fighting. When the app’s idea was released, it garnered a lot of media coverage, most of which was questioning if this was real or a hoax. Well, unfortunately for those with a proclivity towards violence, the app is, in fact, fake. It was created by an agency called Von Hughes. For the creators, it was a way to get their new creative agency on the map, but they are also using it as a way to draw attention to violence, by putting a letter about their reasoning and links to Domestic Violence organizations on their website.  

Can You Survive This?

XBox is celebrating the release of Rise Tomb Raider in the UK by giving eight Lara Croft fans a…very interesting treatment. These eight people are being forced to stand on a London billboard for 24 hours, while being pelted with harsh conditions that are voted by the public at survivalbillboard.com, where they can also view the events. All eight parties were warned of the “terms and horrible, horrible conditions” and the last one standing wins a Tomb Raider-inspired trip. This makes us wonder what we’d be willing to do for a vacation?

Changing The Food Porn Game

We’re all guilty of posting Food Porn pictures. Bushe Bakery in Russia wanted to capitalize on this for their recent campaign. They invited notable food bloggers for a food porn photoshoot and paired the food shots with images of the bloggers themselves in their new campaign. Created by Red Pepper in Russia, this campaign is brilliant in many ways: it contains a digital component, an outdoor component, and it uses recognizable faces in the area to create a bigger audience.

Projection Mapping Meets Beauty

We are big fans of Projection mapping here at MAMA. Therefore, we love the way Sephora Spain partnered with Kat Von D to launch her newest beauty line! Using the interactive experiential agency Wildbytes, the event introduced the first-ever live face projection mapping performance. This featured real-time face tracking technology on Kat Von D, who was covered in her new makeup line, providing the perfect canvas for the incredible projections. While 9 minutes of looking at someone’s face might seem like a lot, trust us, you’ll be entranced within 30 seconds!


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