Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: November 6th

You Are Your Own Car Salesman

You may have your car customized, but was it picked for you based on your feelings? Bentley has created an app that will use your emotions using emotion metric software and facial recognition technology to recommend you the perfect SUV. The app will play for you a series of “lifestyle-themed stimuli” and watch your responses, allowing your reaction to determine your dream SUV. Then you can read all about the car for you and see what it says! We wonder what this technology will determine next!

Steal From the Poor, Give Back to the Poor

This latest campaign seems like the premise for the movie. An organization called Water is Life steals from the people of the destitute Kibera district of Kenya, but returns a whole lot more. In 2009, banners by an artist called JR were installed on rooftops for an aerial exhibition. The banners have been since left alone or defaced. Knowing the value, Water is Life and Deutsch planned a heist and has been selling the art in a goal to raise $400,000 to bring water filters, hand-washing stations, and more to the people of Kibera. Sounds like a great trade to us.

The Poster Child for Fashion

You don’t need to be a huge conglomerate to get your message across. Victor Glemaud, a New York City-based designer who is very well-known in the downtown scene. His entire approach to his unisex knitwear line is simple, as he says, “I’m only online, with no wholesale plan and just one retail partner. I’m doing it all digitally, talking directly to the consumer—which you can do more easily now.” His approach to spreading the word? A good old-fashioned guerilla postering campaign all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, showcasing his unisex collection with bright orange images. You got our attention, Victor!



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