The Fanciest Cardboard Box

You may not know this, but Lexus requires all of their engineers to perform an origami test: They must fold a piece of paper into a perfectly constructed cat, but only with their non-dominant hand and it must be completed in under 90 seconds. In order to further exemplify their dedication to their craft, Lexus decided to take it to the next level by making a driveable replica of its IS sedan, using 1,700 pieces of cardboard. We love this campaign, because it’s simply showing their dedication to the craft of these cars, all the while creating something visually stunning and memorable! Makes the cardboard cars we made in elementary school look like well…cardboard boxes.

Paper Never Looked So Cool

We’re big fans of crowdsourcing and, so it seems, so are the folks over at Google. Right now, there are several nonprofits competing in Google’s Impact Challenge. Aimed at making the Bay Area a better place to live, Google needed to match the innovation of these companies with their decision technique. Digital Paper posters were created by 72andSunny and posted throughout the Bay Area. The posters asked passersby to vote for the campaign they liked the most, with these deceptively simple-looking posters taking real-time votes from those in the Bay Area.

Donate Warmth

We love campaigns for a good cause and “Doe Agasalho” in Brazil surely warmed our hearts with this one. Translated to “Donate Warm Clothes,” this campaign was very simple: They created small sweaters, jeans, and scarves to outfit the various figures on traffic signs around São Paulo. Next to a sticker urging people to donate clothes, this simple technique is bound to create some doubletakes, and more importantly, some donations.

The Forest We Forgot

While most of us grew up with the outdoors as our playground, we’ve all read articles about how screens are ruining the next generation. The Barbarian Group put together this ad that made us very nostalgic for our childhoods. Clad in fake VR headsets, young children are led to a forest, where they are going to test “the most realistic video game in development.” The catch? It’s just an actual forest. The call to action is to visit forests nearby and get people outside, with a voiceover stating, “Maybe imagination isn’t lost after all. Maybe it’s just been playing hide-and-seek in a forest nearby.” When was the last time you went outside?

The Price Just Isn’t Right

We all love a good sale, but do we know from where that sale comes? Fashion Revolution, a non-profit, set up a fascinating social experiment in Berlin. They placed a vending machine that was selling t-shirts for 2 euros. While this is obviously something that would intrigue us, there is a catch. Once a coin is inserted, a video appeared on the screen showing the children that work in textile factories, oftentimes working 16 hour shifts for just 13 cents an hour. The video shows shoppers unhappy with their choice. The best part? Fashion Revolution gives them the chance to buy the shirt or donate the 2 euros they placed in the machine. Now that’s a bargain!


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