Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: October 23rd

The Forest of Heartbeats

The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be taking place in Paris in the first week of December. Naziha Mestaoui decided to create a personal and incredibly effective campaign, 1heart1tree, in order to connect “the virtual and the real.” She created an app that will produce a unique tree using your heartrate and project it on the Eiffel Tower with 30 video projectors. However, not only do you get to watch your tree live and share it, but also a real tree will be planted someplace in the world in your name. We all have a heartbeat – it’s time for all of us to have a tree! 

Open Horror House

We’ve all at least seen the trailers for the Paranormal Activity franchise, the horror movies based on home videos. The original is now legendary to horror fans and in order to get people excited for the next installment, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, producers held an open house in the original set, an actual house. The results are pretty hilarious and scary. Take a look and see if you don’t jump!

Out Of Office

One of the many satisfying things about going on vacation is setting your Out of Office e-mail. Westin has decided to take initiative in helping you craft the best message, with their Westin OOO Generator. The silly, sarcastic messages are part of a partnership with McSweeney’s courtesy of BBH New York. Try your hand at one and it will make you want to book that trip to Hawaii even more.

Exploring Paris

We all know Paris is the City of Light, but what else can we do to explore its wonders? Google France decided to take matters into their own hands, along with 72andSunny Amsterdam. They created “Les Heures Magiques,” which translates to The Magic Hours. For 31 nights, this mobile campaign will urge Parisians to go on adventures after the sun sets, such as bike rides, underwater music shows, and neon safaris. The activities will be in Google maps, urging you to explore all that the city has to offer.

Live On The Edge

We’ve all been there: you can’t see around the corner and so you bump into someone. Samsung decided to play with this on a busy street corner in Stockholm. DDB Stockholm created a digital billboard that would notify you as to what’s just around the corner, whether it’s a dog, a “latte mom,” or a cute couple. Most passersby stopped to see what the billboard said about them. Imagine if all corners were like this!


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