Experiential Campaigns We Loved This Week: Week of October 30th

Give Me a Break…And A Massage

Some of us relax with chocolate. Some of us relax with massages. Kit Kat decided to test the connection in one of the most hectic cities in Latin America, Bogota, while simultaneously celebrating their launch in the country. Kit Kat, Mindshare, and J. Walter Thompson installed billboards all over Bogota that had tiny motors that would give anyone who lean on them a massage. Our favorite part of this campaign, other than the blissful faces of those receiving the massage, is the social interaction. All of the billboards were mapped on Google Maps and if you tweeted that you were tired, Kit Kat would tweet you the nearest billboard massage! Now, if only every time we said we were tired, we were given a Kit Kat and a massage…

Stop in the Name of Safety!

Think!, a safe-driving campaign in the UK is normally known for their gruesome PSAs. They took a more comical turn with this one, with the help of AMV BBDO. To spread the word about the danger of country roads, the ad features a farmer who used the most interesting street team we’ve ever encountered…his herd! The farmer spray-painted cautions on sheep, tractors, cows, and hay, all in the name of creating safer roads in England. Nobody wants to hit an animal, so this definitely makes us think twice about dangerous country roads!

Super Realistic Virtual Reality

We are big fans of virtual reality, which is why this latest campaign from The North Face and INNORED in South Korea made us laugh. The stunt shows customers entering the retail store, trying on their new line of jackets, and being urged to put on the Oculus Rift. They are then transported into the arctic, where they are dog-sledding. Then it becomes real and they are taken around the mall by an actual pack of (adorable and North Face-clad) huskies. Imagine Snow Dogs in a mall…but better.

Resolutions with Rewards

It’s almost the time of year when people start making their resolutions, hitting the gym, and trying to get in shape. Launched by DLV BBDO, this campaign shows Gatorade’s desire to motivate people to keep these promises, which is why they created #SponsoredByGatorade, an app that connects all your sport-devices. Everytime you work out, you get points towards Gatorade’s four-tier rewards system, which can get free music, equipment, sport events tickets, and of course…Gatorade. This has us thinking we might actually keep our resolution…hopefully!


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