MAMA and Grease Live! Bring Electrifying Energy to Times Square

Grease is definitely the word and we decided to help spread it! In anticipation of Fox’s premiere live musical, Grease: Live, Fox hired MAMA to bring the hand jive to Times Square. Because we love creating experiences, we knew this was our moment to bring our electrifying experiential marketing energy to the streets of Times Square. The main goal of this promotion was to promote the live broadcast through a series of surprise and delight activations. But what exactly does that mean?

Well, let’s paint a picture: you’re walking through Times Square, on your way to lunch or a meeting, and some stylish and sizzling Pink Ladies walk up to you to talk about Grease: Live. Their swagger and energy delights you. As a surprise, they ask you a trivia question related to both Grease: Live and the iconic original movie that we all know so well. You get the trivia question correct and you win a prize. So instead of a simple conversation about the production, you’ve had an experience. Something unexpected brings some much needed rama-lama-ding-dong energy into your weekday. You walk away beaming, with a flyer and some swag. The best part? This experience continues on.

As marketers, we create this initial experience, it sticks in the memory of the consumer, and it creates a lasting impression, along with reminders in the form of collateral. Whether it’s a flyer on your dresser or a Grease! pom-pom on your desk, the experience can only be bolstered by what you physically take away. In order to deliver accurate results, we count the amount of collateral and flyers we give away, allowing the client to track our progress.

Our goal was to create an experience and then see how it blossoms. This starts by capitalizing on the recognizable imagery of Grease and the public excitement for the live musical. Experiences go far and beyond your typical online digital ads or billboards. As supplements to traditional marketing, we approached Grease: Live by re-creating a quintessential image from the film, the Pink Ladies. People approached these vivacious women and wanted to take selfies and find out more about the production. When these images are posted online, it only multiplies the amount of impressions the client gets, allowing the word to spread via social media.

Clad in leather jackets and pink shirts, our brand ambassadors were the most popular girls in Times Square, as they asked fans in Times Square special Grease trivia questions. Questions ranged from “What Pink Lady from the 1978 Motion Picture Grease will be making an appearance in Grease: Live?” and “Which character is the beauty school drop out?” Those who answered correctly were surprised and delighted with some seriously electrifying Rydell High swag, such as pins, pennants, stadium cups, megaphones, and pom poms! We keep count of all the people we talk to and take statistics, allowing us to know that we had a daily average of 240 participants per day in our Grease trivia and a daily total of around 2,000 face-to-face impressions.

Times Square was hopelessly devoted to our Grease: Live street team, bringing some excitement and surprise and delight to the chilly New York City weather. They warmed up fans with the hand jive and our killer Pink Ladies strut. With sidewalks as crowded as the Rydell High hallways, we had many interested patrons stopping by to see the sights and talk to the brand ambassadors. We encountered people from different corners of the world and learned the international and multi-generational love for all things Grease!

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