Staging the Flashpocalypse: Occupying Advertising Week with AdCade

In recent years, Adobe Flash has become an antiquated relic of the internet’s past. As our browsing becomes dominated by touchscreen devices, more and more companies are blocking Flash in favor of HTML5, which doesn’t have Flash’s privacy issues and requires less battery life. As the final nails are placed in Adobe Flash’s coffin, many Flash developers have learned that their skill set is now obsolete and are losing their jobs. While this reality might not affect us as we swipe and tap on our devices, we wanted to confront the people that rely on Adobe: the Advertising world.

We partnered with Adcade, a tech startup “that empowers designers and developers with creative technology to build HTML5 advertising for any screen, any device, any ad server” to reach our target audience during New York Advertising Week. We brought a fictional “Flashpocalypse” survivor to life on the streets of New York. Frank, as we call him, is a Flash developer whose life has been derailed by Adobe’s demise. After losing his job and his family, Frank found solace in Adcade’s creative platform, “Epoch,” which allowed him to learn HTML5.

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Like any enthusiastic convert, Frank wanted to spread the good word about Adcade and urge advertisers to open their eyes to this revolution. On the streets of New York City, Frank spread the message to the non-believers, exclaiming, “The end of Flash is here! Never fear, HTML5 is here to save you! HTML5 is the way of the future! Convert now and save yourself!” Clad with a large board, Frank was hell-bent on making sure that, in his words, “No Flash developer shall go unsaved!”

Reactions to Frank were mixed, with some marketers welcoming his message as happy HTML5 converts. However, he also received some uneducated responses of people who believe Adobe Flash is alive and well, such as passersby taunting him with, “Oh really? What does YouTube run on, huh? You’re kidding yourself!” As we know, Youtube switched to HTML5 in January of this year, proving Frank’s educational purpose even more necessary. Others in the marketing world voiced their concerns over how to ease the transition from Flash to HTML5 without costing jobs and livelihoods for developers.

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While we created the character of Frank, his story is far from fictional. The Flashpocalypse has left several seasoned developers out of luck and out of jobs. Adcade’s Epoch is “ad server agnostic, requires no additional CPM fees and utilizes Flash developers’ existing skill sets to build HTML5 digital advertising” and therefore is an invaluable tool for those finding their skills and sources of income suddenly obsolete.

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